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Rensi gioielli was born in 1965 as a small family business that over the years, thanks to its success, has come to operate internationally. They are authorized dealers of the best brands of jewelry and watches: Damiani, Recarlo, Crivelli, Mirco Visconti, Fope, Crieri, Baume & Mercier, Longines, Paul Picot, Locman, Tissot, Citizen, and many others. Rensi Gioielli has always been sensitive to the environment and to sustainability. In fact, it is the only jewelry store in the Veneto region to import certified gold and diamonds, extracted in full respect of human and environmental rights, for the creation of wedding rings and handcrafted jewelry.


Rensi Gioielli – in collaboration with WOWnature – has decided to support the growth of an urban forest in the municipality of Padua, in the Vigodarzere district, by adopting 100 trees. Each tree will be gifted to newlywed couples when buying wedding rings. In line with its distinctive environmental commitment, Rensi Gioielli is a pioneering company also when it embarks on paths and initiatives to tackle the climate crisis and mitigate the effects of pollution in urban contexts.

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