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Bosco Limite

Carmignano di Brenta (PD)

A cornfield transformed into a forest rich in biodiversity!

Once upon a time there lived a very lively boy named Lucio. Every day Lucio pestered his dear father, whose name was Pio: “daddy, daddy, let’s go play in the woods!” but Pio had to cultivate the cornfields around the house and so, although he also loved going to the woods, he was often forced to postpone “not today Lucio, I’m sorry,” he would say. “But come on dad, we can have picnics, pick mushrooms, cool our feet in the stream and watch the animals! The last time we even saw a woodcock!”. As the years passed, Lucio grew older but he never gave up: he sometimes recounted that he had heard a folktale saying, “If Pio doesn’t go to the forest, the forest goes to Pio!” And so he did it. He really did it! He insisted so much that now, when Pio looks out his window early in the morning, instead of seeing corn he sees … a forest! Bosco Limite, planted by Lucio himself and by hundreds of other people from the WOWnature community, now stands next to Pio’s house.

There is absolutely everything: picnic tables, mushrooms, animals, and even a beekeeper with his good honey… And that’s not all! Bosco Limite is not just another forest: thanks to a system of 1 km-long canals, the forest actually replenishes the large underground reserves of drinking water (the aquifer) on which thousands of people in the Po Valley depend on. Just imagine, in the time it took you to read this text, the forest has infiltrated more than 800 liters of clean water into the ground! What are you waiting for? Come visit, you might even see some woodcocks!

This forest is part of Associazione Forestale di Pianura (Lowland Forest Association).

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