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Huong Son

Tay Son Town

By adopting a tree in the Huong Son Forest you can help it grow and do your part to tackle the climate crisis and limit biodiversity loss.

Huong Son is a forest of over 20 thousand hectares located in north-central Vietnam, in the remote province of Ha Tinh, and managed by the Huong Son State Forest Company. Huong Son is one of the most important forest ecosystem restoration projects in Vietnam and is aimed not only at tackling climate crisis and biodiversity loss but also at supporting local communities living in balance with the forest. By planting new trees and plants for sustainable production, and by developing the market for wild forest products including bamboo, rattan and numerous medicinal plants, we support the community and ensure a sustainable future for generations to come.

Huong Son Forest generates positive impacts by capturing CO2, protecting biodiversity, improving water resources, providing livelihoods for local communities, and creating jobs, while at the same time limiting the progression of deforestation. Consider that over the past 15 years Vietnam has lost a forest area of more than 1.5 million hectares, and the causes are anthropogenic: farmland expansion, unsustainable logging, and development of settlements and infrastructure.

Would you like to support us with this project in Vietnam? By adopting a tree in the Huong Son forest you can help it grow and do your part to tackle the climate crisis and limit biodiversity loss. Because if we are to become truly responsible for forests, we must protect them, even when they are thousands of miles away: adopt a tree in Vietnam with WOWnature.

The next tree plantings are planned for summer 2023.

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68 Kg CO2
  • Adventurous people
  • Animal lovers
  • Determined people
Fast-growing tropical tree: it's insect-resistant.
24,00 €
42 Kg CO2
  • Adventurous people
  • Determined people
Very long-lived tropical tree with stem whose diameter can reach up to two meters.
15,00 €
87 Kg CO2
  • Adventurous people
  • Determined people
Evergreen tree typical of Asia, about 10 meters tall, with valuable wood.
20,00 €
53 Kg CO2
  • Animal lovers
  • Lovers of good things
  • Trendiest people
Asian species popular for its wood.
20,00 €
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