Huong Son


Huong Son is a forest of over 20 thousand hectares in the north-central of Vietnam, in the remote province of Ha Tinh and managed by Huong Son State Forest Company. Huong Son is one of the most important projects of forest ecosystem restoration in Vietnam and has as its objectives not only the fight against the climate crisis and the loss of biodiversity but also, no less important, the support of local communities living in balance with the forest through the planting of new trees and plants for sustainable production and the development of the market for wild forest products including bamboo, rattan and many medicinal plants.

The Huong Son forest thus generates positive impacts such as CO2 capture, biodiversity protection, improved water resources, provision of livelihoods for local communities, job creation, while also limiting the advancement of deforestation. Think that in the last 15 years Vietnam has lost a forest area of over 1.5 million hectares and the causes are anthropogenic: the expansion of agricultural land, unsustainable logging and the development of settlements and infrastructure.

Would you like to contribute, together with us, to the project in Vietnam? By adopting a tree in the Huong Son forest you can help it grow and do your part to combat the climate crisis and limit the loss of biodiversity. Because to become truly responsible for the forests we must protect them, even when they are thousands of miles away: adopt a tree in Vietnam with WOWnature.


This is an FSC®-certified area: the Responsible Forest Management certification that ensures a forest or forest plantation is managed in accordance with strict environmental, social and economic standards.



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