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What do Padua and Nottingham have in common? Of course, Sherwood! While for the English city the name Sherwood identifies the legendary forest where Robin Hood e Little John escaped from the sheriff and his henchmen, in Padua this word is immediately associated with the Festival that over 30 days has been making thousands of people dance and sing for twenty years. The spirit of Sherwood Festival, just like Robin Hood’s, is free and independent, always on the move.


This year our claim is “The Call of the Forest”: we want to commit ourselves more and more to make the festival more sustainable, generating positive impacts, with different actions. Reducing our environmental impacts, in fact, is not enough for us: we want to give back to nature what it gives us every day. Today we know that every spectator who reaches our festival emits an average of 1.5 kg of CO2. In addition to reducing our impacts, promoting sustainable mobility, we want to protect existing forests and create new ones with the aim of capturing the CO2 emissions that we cannot avoid. We have therefore set ourselves an important goal: to plant and protect together with you 3,000 trees and create Sherwood forests. In Padua we planted in 2020 the first 100 trees with the project PadovaO2. Every spectator can answer the call of the forest and help Sherwood Festival to plant trees and protect forests in 3 simple steps: Scroll down and see the areas you can support Choose your favorite project between Italy and Vietnam, to plant new trees, or in Brazil to protect existing forests


Adopt a tree with the 10% discount code “sherwood”


And like every year, we want to remind you that the boys and girls of Sherwood Festival make a real call to action, aimed at all fans, to inspire virtuous behaviors that generate positive impacts, avoid waste and maximize everyone’s efforts:

  • Stop plastic: the festival is plastic free
  • Differentiated waste collection: we are committed to doing it properly
  • Clean energy: we rely only on sustainable energy suppliers
  • Sustainable mobility: choose to come to Sherwood by bike
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Tay Son Town

Parco dell’Amicizia

Tezze sul Brenta (VI)

Huong Son Nature

Tay Son Town