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A new urban forest in the city of Padua, thanks to the support of citiziens and businesses.

The Municipality of Padua – Green Areas , Parks and Urban Agriculture Sector – kicked off an urban reforestation project in 2018 that involved the purchase and planting of about 10,000 new trees and shrubs. All together, these plants will create a green lung the size of 12 football fields, which will provide well-being, biodiversity and good health to the city. In fact, it is estimated that the new green infrastructure, in addition to improving the affected areas from an urban planning point of view, will also be able to sequester 150 t/ha/year of CO2 for a total of 1,125 t/year, with a further predicted increase in the future connected to the growth of the plants. Furthermore, thanks to the new trees, there will be benefits with regards to microclimate, soil conservation and to the ability of the area to adapt to climate change and to its effects.

Citizens and businesses had the opportunity to support the creation of these new urban forests by choosing the species to be planted in the city’s 8 neighborhood areas available: Altichiero, Arcella, Torre, Mortise, Pontevigodarzere, Chiesanuova, and Ponte di Brenta.

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