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This mighty tropical evergreen tree is famous for its longevity and strong, iron-like wood, giving it the common name "Ironwood." It can reach considerable heights, often exceeding 100 feet. The thick, rough bark is one of the tree's distinguishing features, providing natural protection against pests and diseases.

It is a valuable tree for reforestation in Vietnam, valued for its hard and durable wood. It grows up to 30 meters, contributing to biodiversity and soil stabilization. Ironwood plays a crucial role in CO2 absorption, supporting the fight against climate change.

One of Ironwood's most fascinating curiosities is its extraordinary longevity and durability. The wood is so hard that it can damage tools not specifically designed for processing. In addition, the species has shown remarkable adaptability, making it ideal for reforestation and conservation projects.

It is very important in traditional Vietnamese medicine, where parts of the plant are used to treat various diseases.

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What makes it unique

8.70 Kg

of CO2 captured over a year

Forests where you can grow your own Ironwood, adopting or giving it away.

Iron Forest
Huong Son
Tay Son Town
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