Würth Italia

CO2 sequestration 132.000 Kg
The trees you're growing 4000
Protected areas 0

Würth Italy is a company specialized in products and systems for fastening and assembly. The history of the Würth Group coincides with the life of Prof. Dr. h. mult. Reinhold Würth, who transformed the hardware store founded in 1945 by his father in Künzelsau, West Germany, into an international group that is today the world leader in its field. Würth opened in Italy in 1963 and currently employs 3,600 employees and more than 250,000 customers, with 125,000 products in its range. The values that guide Würth Italy are belonging, gratitude, relationship, growth, openness to change and responsibility.


With a view to the latter and to a strategy oriented to the Sustainable Development Goals, a collaboration with WOWnature has been started to support the restoration of a forest in Val di Fiemme that will allow to capture CO2 in one of the wooded areas devastated by the storm Vaia in 2018. Not only that, Würth is engaging in an electric revolution of its car fleet, the regeneration of the photovoltaic panels installed in Egna in 2003 and the design of a new system for the Capena headquarters. Along the same lines, numerous other projects are heading towards the environmental, social and economic sustainability of the company. The partnership with WOWnature will enable Würth Italy to convey the importance of these issues to current and future employees. A tree will be donated to each of them as a tangible symbol of the commitment of Würth Italy and all the people who make up the company.

Supported areas

Val di Fiemme

Val di Fiemme(TN)