Compensate your CO2

Nature is good for you. Be good to nature, take care of it and reduce your environmental footprint.

Each Italian citizen emits on average 5000kg of Co2 yearly.

A tree captures, over its lifetime, about 700kg of Co2

Therefore, if you are to balance all your emissions, you should protect 7 trees per year.

*All the calculations are rounded. If you want to calculate your environmental footprint, we advise you to try a specialized website.
These are our favourite ones:  and

Nowadays, the climate crisis is real.
Act now and reduce your environmental footprint.

Compensating your CO2 emissions by protecting a mature tree means, indeed, having a positive impact on the present. It also means supporting people who work every day to manage forests in the best possible way.

We all know that trees can mitigate the adverse effects of climate change, but few people reflect on what happens when a forest burns or when trees are torn down by environmental disasters.

If trees burn or fall, their benefits are lost and the CO2 that they captured over their life is released back into the atmosphere.

How can this damage be limited or avoided? By helping our “forest heros”, supporting them in managing their forests according to the rigorous environmental and social standards. A well-managed forest is more resilient and, therefore, this helps to limit the damage of possible environmental disasters.