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Rincine Forest – tuscan hills

Londa (FI)

Protect Rincine Forest – tuscan hills

Current threat : Wildfires

Fire is natural in some ecosystems. However, extreme fires are steadily increasing in number and frequency, due to mismanagement, the worsening climate crisis, and the neglect of rural activities. The contributions raised will support proactive and preventive management, by creating natural barriers, such as fire lines.




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18,00 €

Protect 32 m2 to
store 1.429 Kg of CO2

29,00 €

Protect 52 m2 to
store 2.303 Kg of CO2

89,00 €

Protect 158 m2 to
store 7.068 Kg of CO2

250,00 €

Protect 445 m2 to
store 19.854 Kg of CO2

For years, the Valdarno and Valdisieve Municipalities Union has been taking care of Rincine Forest, a stone’s throw from Florence. They perform monitoring, creation of fire tracks, mowing, clearing, and other forestry interventions. The ultimate aim is reducing fire risks and protecting rare or threatened ecosystems. These efforts are repaid by nature with the unique and typical beauty of the Tuscan landscape, for which Henri Desplanques said in amazement, “It is incredible how these people have built their rural landscapes, as if they had no other concern than beauty”.

Forty kilometers from the historical center of Florence, in a minor valley of Falterona Mount, there is an Apennine forest of rare beauty. Whether due to the charming landscape, or the social and natural events of the central Apennines, the loveliness of Tuscany moved Henri Desplanques, who wrote, “it is incredible how these people have built their rural landscapes as if they had no other concern than beauty”. Rincine Forest is easy to reach, yet still unfamiliar to mass tourism. Among its trees, trails with different climbing grades unfold for hikers, comforted by campsites, small lakes and paths. The Rincine Forest, certified according to FSC® standards, is also home to the “Model Forest of the Florentine Mountains,” a non-profit, volunteer association, part of the International Network of Model Forests. Mant international partners are working to spread forests sustainable management, use of forests, and forest landscapes. Together with 60 other forests worldwide, it seeks to renew the bond between man and nature through the sharing of best practices regarding sustainability. Rincine Forest it’s a suprise in the Apennines, a discovery, a glimpse into the blue mountains. A place where visitors can enjoy endless panoramas to admire and protect.

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