Villa Roberti Forest

A villa that excites for the beauty of its rooms and the centuries-old charm. Splendidly decorated by the genius of Zelotti and Veronese with scenes inspired by the loves of the gods, Villa Roberti, with the large Barchessa, the unusual Tower and the green Woods, is kept in a sweet and precious landscape capable of giving unexpected corners of paradise.

Today Villa Roberti is once again a point of reference not only for the cultural panorama, to which it contributes with a rich series of concerts, theatrical performances and presentations of books and authors, but also for the surrounding area, which can be explored, discovered and… loved.

The Villa Roberti Forest extends for about two hectares in the south of Villa Roberti and is one of the largest in the Paduan plain. The vegetation is typical of the Mediterranean maquis with linden trees, plane trees, horse chestnuts, poplars, kitty poplars, field maples, hornbeams and some types of oaks, among which stands out a secular specimen of considerable size. There is also dense undergrowth vegetation, where there are rose bushes and shrubs of evomino, vegelia, hydrangea and forsythia.

In 2019 the Villa Roberti Forest became part of the Associazione Forestale Boschi di Pianura (AFP) , the first association of lowland forest owners created in 2002 for the efficient, responsible and sustainable management of forest resources.

ACTIVITIES: Compensate your environmental footprint, Collection of wild herbs, Collection of mushrooms and truffles, Environmental education, For kids, Running
PROJECT: Lowland Forestry Association | AFP
SERVICES: Equipped area for events and shows, Drinking water, Parking, area equipped with games, WC

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