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Protect a forest

Arcipelago di Bailique


Protect Arcipelago di Bailique

Current threat: Illegal logging

Protecting a forest from illegal logging is about ensuring a responsible timber market. Plus, it also safeguarding people who live in these territories, their values and their future.




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At the estuary of the Amazon River, we find the Bailique Archipelago’s forest. It is threatened by illegal logging and fires set to “free” forest soils to devote to intensive crops and pasture. In this context, local communities have to monitor, protect, and sustainably extract Açai, in order to guard the land and protect the Amazon forest from conversion to farmland.

In the far north of Brazil, stands a remote archipelago formed right at the mouth of the Amazon River, where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Brazilian state of Amapà: we refer to the Bailique Archipelago. Made up of 8 islands, it is home to about 13,000 people, all of whom have always lived in harmony with the forest, the river environment, and surrounding habitat. Small-scale fishing, farming, harvesting, and sustainable management of the açaí palm are the main local sources of income. The equilibrium between these populations and the environment has been shaken by steady soil erosion and wildfires in the past few years. These drivers are ravaging the Amazon Rainforest to allow room for soybeans, intensive crops, and especially pasture land. In addition, climate crisis, rising water levels and increasingly frequent extreme events are worsening the problem. Our support for this area is explicit: we advocate for forest defenders and cooperate with indigenous people who value the forest. Plus, we safeguard forest produce, as the açaí Palm. It’s a native species to be preserved, conserved, protected, as it helps maintain biodiversity and provides employment. The forests where the Açaí palm grows are FSC® certified, a guarantee of quality, sustainability and compliance with the strictest standards that only forests earning this label can boast. For the indigenous peoples, the Açaí plant is more than a fruit; it is a metaphor for an impressive social, environmental, and economic mobilization of the Bailique Archipelago’s native communities. Considering the project we are carrying out with them, this fight is also shared by us.

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