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How to counter deforestation in the Amazon

The Amazon rainforest is the largest in the world and is home to unique biodiversity. Unfortunately, deforestation caused by human activities, such as timber production, agriculture, and livestock breeding, is having a significant impact on biodiversity and ecosystems. Deforestation is also responsible for the increase of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which contributes to the greenhouse effect and the climate crisis. Many efforts have been made to reduce deforestation, but the problem still persists and requires greater international attention and collaboration to protect the Amazon. We at WOWnature have initiated a forest protection project in the Bailique Archipelago, at the mouth of the Amazon.

Bailique Archipelago

The Amazon River is the biggest river on Earth and it flows into the Ocean forming the Bailique Archipelago. This is an area where deforestation and illegal logging are extremely widespread, so we decided to take action to save the area’s forest heritage.

What can we do to counter deforestation?

Eat meat responsibly


Mass-scale agriculture is a major cause of deforestation in the Amazon. Given the huge demand for meat globally, space must be found for pasture and to grow corn and soybeans. Therefore, farmers often burn acres of primary forest to create open space suitable for cultivation. Reducing or eliminating meat consumption can change demand and to direct resource use across the globe.

Support forest preserving economic activities 


In partnership with the cooperative Amazonbai, which manages the forests of the Bailique Archipelago and produces açai responsibly, we initiated a project to protect the forest ecosystem and counter uncontrolled logging. Together we found ways by which we could manage the forest more beneficially and responsibly. Amazonbai deals with 2,000 hectares of food forest to generate income and food in balance between people and nature. Specifically, this area produces mainly açai, while also maintaining 16 other fruit species.

Why should you protect forests?


A forest is not just a group of trees: it is a complex ecosystem in which multiple organisms live and interact with each other. Through this network of interactions-between species and other species, between species and the environment-a dynamic balance is established. Preserving forest ecosystems means maintaining the biodiversity of the area and the ecosystem services it provides. We are talking about capturing pollutants from the air, oxygen production, water purification, food and income production, soil stabilization and much more.


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