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Strongly rooted in our territory and vines that best represent it, we believe it is essential to measure and understand the environment impact generated by our production. The goal is to reduce negative practices, and create new ethical and sustainable ones. Indeed, we would like to ensure that future generations have new systems to respect the environment and its resources. Based on this goal, in 2017 we obtained two sustainability certifications for all our three company locations: SQNPI and VIVA-sustainability in viticulture in Italy. Since 2020, all the energy used in our production processes that we are unable to cover with our photovoltaic system, come exclusively from renewable sources thanks to the provider Dolomiti Energia. At the same time, we set a new goal: becoming climate positive by 2026.


To achieve this ambitious result, we wil contribute to the management of the woods according to the FSC® standards. Plus, we commit to join national and international reforestation initiatives. Nowadays, we do support two projects. The first, in Bosco di Villa delle Coste, a project that protects and improves one of our forests, located in the Asolo hills, part of Natura 2000 Network and MAB Unesco site. Here, we invested time and resources to clean it from invasive species, plant more than 1,000 trees, and create a food forest path to illustrate more than 20 species of trees and shrubs that characterize our culinary tradition. The second initiative it’s in Brazil. At the mouth of the Amazon River, we support Amazonbai, a cooperative that takes care of the forests in the Bailique archipelago, made up of 8 islands. It’s home to 13,000 people who have always lived in balance with the forest, harvesting its best fruits such as açaí palm berries. Everything in compliance with FSC® standards.

Supported areas

Arcipelago di Bailique


Bosco di Villa delle Coste

Maser (TV)
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