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Lago di Camazzole

Carmignano di Brenta (PD)

Its waters are referred to as the “Caribbean of the Veneto” by the many bathers who enjoy a relaxing afternoon by the lake. We enrich its surroundings with trees to make it even more special.

A nice swim in a cool, shady pond just a few miles from the city is a dream of many. It can easily come true if you know the right place! Lake Camazzole is a sheet of blue water in the municipality of Carmignano di Brenta, half an hour from Padua. The beauty of its waters and the wild flora that frames it have made it known throughout the Veneto region. It is an artificial lake created from the excavations of an old gravel quarry in the Brenta River, but now it has earned the label of “the Veneto Caribbean” quite an upgrade! You can admire a beautiful panorama: the mountains occupy on the horizon, giving a feeling of peace. The crystal-clear water is surrounded by trees and shrubs, which provide shade and clean air for the visitors. However, a careful eye notices the presence of some invasive species, which alter the natural ecosystem of the Brenta River. Therefore, we decided to enrich some points of the perimeter with native species, such as ash, privet, elm, poplar, willow and others, counting more than 1,000 trees. This is not the first time we have worked here: remember Parco Fiume Brenta? It is one of our most beloved projects, so we wanted to give due value to each of its parts. In fact, we will not only reforest the area around the lake, but we will create two wetlands, essential to expand biodiversity and ensure water and carbon storage. In addition, some hectars of wet meadows and lean grasslands will be seeded, given their role in balancing ecosystems. It is not only invasive species that are damaging the natural balance of Camazzole Lake, but heavy anthropogenic pressure is sadly contributing. For this reason, we will improve almost 2 km of trails and design two info panels: it will be easier to get your bearings and run for a swim! Indeed, we will also monitor water quality. Nature lovers know this: we must leave a world better than we found it. By growing a tree at Camazzole Lake, you will be giving a wonderful gift to the ecosystem you love.

The next tree plantings are planned for autumn 2023.

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