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Econvivo, by chosing sustainable materials, is a line of products careful to packaging and mixtures environmental impact. Plant-based and realized with renewable resources, it’s a zero-emission product. Indeed, Econvivo is committed to support projects for forests protection and improvement, to an extent that will support the capture and conservation of more than twice the tons of CO2 emitted in the life cycle of its products, in 2022.


Protecting forests and woodlands is a great strategy to preserve one of our most valuable resources for climate change mitigation. It also means protecting a primary sources of ecosystem services, i.e. the benefits that natural ecosystems provide to people. Trees, in fact, enhance biodiversity, improve air quality, contribute to the protection from hydrogeological instability and the preservation of water resources.


Econvivo supports the forests of Val di Fiemme, which suffered immense damage during the Storm Vaia. Plus, it will sustain also the project along the Po River, the largest ecological corridor in the Po Valley, a biodiversity reserve where good management of forests and natural areas is of paramount importance.

Supported areas

Magnifica Comunità di Fiemme

Cavalese (TN)