WOWnature: Italian leader of 3 Billion Trees

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WOWnature: Italian leader in the European Campaign “3 Billion Trees”

WOWnature Italian leader of 3 billion trees. On International Forest Day, WOWnature, an initiative of Etifor, celebrates a significant milestone that reinforces its commitment to environmental sustainability and reforestation in Europe. We are proud to announce that, with about 280,000 trees planted since 2020, WOWnature ranks as the first Italian organization and the eighth in Europe by number of trees contributed to the European 3BillionTrees initiative.

A Concrete Commitment to the Planet


The 3 Billion Trees project, launched by the European Commission, aims to plant three billion trees across Europe by 2030 as part of Europe’s Green Deal and biodiversity strategy. The goal is to combat climate change, restore degraded ecosystems and promote biodiversity. WOWnature, an initiative of Etifor, has enthusiastically embraced this ambitious initiative, thanks to the support of citizens, organizations and companies adopting trees in Italy, Spain, Ireland and Romania.

Innovation and engagement: our pillars

WOWnature’s strength lies not only in numbers, but also in the way we implement our reforestation projects. Through an innovative approach, we are able to engage citizens, agencies and businesses in a collective movement toward environmental sustainability. Every tree planted with WOWnature since 2020 represents a step toward a greener, more sustainable future.

Our Forestry Project Manager, Chiara Bruni, recently attended a conference in Brussels where she shared our strategies and commitment to reforestation in Europe. WOWnature’s presence in this international arena testifies to the importance of our work and recognition by the European community.

A community-driven successful initiative 

WOWnature’s success and its recognition as an Italian leader in the 3 BillionTrees campaign are the result of the commitment of a large community that believes in taking action for the planet. Our thanks go to everyone who has contributed to this incredible achievement, from adopting a single tree to participating in large-scale reforestation projects.

Adopt a tree 

With pride in its achievements and an eye on the future, WOWnature is determined to continue its commitment to reforestation and the fight against climate change. The goal of planting three billion trees in Europe by 2030 is ambitious, but with everyone’s support and participation, we can make a difference.

We invite businesses, entities and citizens to join us in this vital mission. Every tree planted is a step toward a more sustainable future. With WOWnature, planting a tree has never been more meaningful.


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