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Maddalena Cerri


Grown up in the green northern Italy, Maddalena Cerri felt a special bond with nature since she was a kid. At 20, her passion for adventure, pushed her to discover Europe. During her trip, new places, people, and bits of herself changed her forever.  The environment and natural landscape made a vital difference for Maddalena. In order to stay closer to nature, she walked for about 1000 km along the coast of Portugal, until the border with Spain. Additionally, she lived on a sailboat in Norwayto participate in a clean-up project to remove plastic from the sea. These experiences pushed her to learn more about the planet without damaging it. That is why her travels have become more and more green.

Treeps Is an adventure to discover the world without impact. Treeps aim is to travel responsibly, avoiding the most polluting transports and making low-impact daily choices.  Maddalena tells us: “I wish to explore the globe and show you how much beauty and precious resources we need to protect”. Thanks to the partnership with WOWnature, Treeps wants to grow new trees, together with the entire community. To complete the journey like a full circle, Maddalena and the people who support her will plant the newly adopted trees at the Crosara Oasis, not far from her home.

The zero-impact world travel

Join Maddalena Cerri in her trip around the world: support her zero-impact adventure.

Supported areas

Crosara Oasis

Nove (VI)

Who I am and my project Treeps
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