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Bosco Nico: the first food forest in the Veneto region

Bosco Nico is a project of reforestation of an agricultural area that has a twofold purpose: to increase the forest area of the eastern Veneto region and to provide a forest for the production of forest food such as fruit and wild berries. In other words: Bosco Nico is the first food forest in Veneto, a permanent forest open to the whole community that will provide edible species for humans and wildlife, 365 days a year.

Bosco Nico and the Veneto lowland forest

A new lowland forest is being born in Cessalto, near Treviso: it is Bosco Nico, a new green lung that joins Bosco Olmé, one of the oldest lowland forests in the area, thus reaching a tree coverage of about 28 hectares. The area of Bosco Nico was managed by the previous owner for agricultural purposes, mainly cereal growing: the current owner, who took over from the previous owner, decided to start with us a reforestation project to convert it into a permanent forest in order to meet the demand for green and wooded areas in contexts where they are scarce, such as the context of the plain.

The forest is located in a territorial context suitable to mitigate the impact created by cementification and air pollution: Bosco Nico, in fact, is located near the freeway exit of Cessalto, south of the industrial area immediately adjacent to the freeway, and will be able to absorb CO2, ensuring cleaner and healthier air, as well as providing many ecosystem services.

The objective of the Bosco Nico reforestation project is to raise awareness of the use of forests as producers of goods and services. In particular, “Bosco Nico” will be designed considering two very sensitive aspects locally, namely the production of honey and the collection of food of forest origin. For the design and implementation of the intervention, therefore, we are inspired by the concept of food forest; Bosco Nico will become the largest food forest accessible to the population of the whole Veneto region. In fact, the project foresees the planting of autochthonous and typical species of the Veneto lowland forest: hornbeam, English oak, southern ash, hazel, linden, hawthorn, elder, apple, blackthorn, common juniper, barberry.


By adopting a tree at Bosco Nico you can contribute to the creation of the largest food forest in the Veneto region and do your part to combat the climate crisis and create a forest that is useful to both humans and wildlife, beautiful and resilient.



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