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Evento WOWnature - Lio Piccolo8

Event in Lio Piccolo: plant a tree in the Venice lagoon on April, 13

April 13, Lio Piccolo - Cavallino-Treporti. WOWnature organizes an event in the Venice lagoon to discover the area and plant new trees among the salt marshes.

The Venice Lagoon and Lio Piccolo: an event to reconnect with nature


The Venice Lagoon is a natural treasure that fascinates and amazes not only for its timeless beauty but also for the historical wealth it preserves. Among the lesser-known jewels of this exceptional heritage is Lio Piccolo, an ancient and evocative contrada that offers a unique immersion in one of the most authentic settings in the Veneto region. In this fairytale setting, there will be an event dedicated to nature protection that invites everyone to plant trees in the lagoon, thus contributing to the preservation of this extraordinary ecosystem.


Adopt a tree in Lio Piccolo

The heart of the event is a simple but impactful action: the adoption and planting of new trees. Participants have the opportunity to adopt a tree through the WOWnature website and then plant it in person in the fascinating setting of the lagoon. It is an opportunity to actively contribute to the preservation of the environment and, at the same time, have an emotionally rich experience.

Adopt a tree in Venice

Choose you favorite tree

The trees we plant will be chosen from species native to the lagoon, such as tamarisk, juniper, blackthorn, sea buckthorn, and poplar. These plants are adapted to the brackish conditions of the lagoon and have several environmental benefits. The trees will restore the ancient lagoon fish valley system.


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