The goal is to create a food forest with the highest possible rate of biodiversity. But what is a food forest? The food forest is a multifunctional cultivation in which we can find wood trees, fruit plants, medicinal and officinal herbs, berries, vegetables and much more, in synergy with wild plants and animals that live in that particular habitat.

Designing and creating a food forest allows us to offer our planet an area of biodiversity, creating a special microclimate and producing oxygen, combating erosion and trapping organic substances, giving back space to wild and domestic animals. Let’s not forget the benefits on our psychophysical health that the contact with nature can give.

Would you like to support the project of the food forest at Bosco Fontaniva by adopting a frangola, a blackthorn, a dogwood or a ligustrello? We will plant your tree together on Saturday, April 2 from 15.00.