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How much does it cost to plant a tree?

How much does it cost to give a tree as a gift? In this article we reveal all the elements that go into defining the prices of our trees: from forestry design to maintenance, here is the path (and its costs) that is leading us to reforest the world.

How much does it cost to give a tree as a gift?

On the WOWnature website you can adopt or give a tree as a gift. Why are prices so variable? What is the difference between a 15 euro tree and a 60 euro tree? Gifting a tree with WOWnature is not just about planting it; it is about recreating an ecosystem and improving the biodiversity of the area. For this there are several factors to consider, let’s find out.

Before planting: forest design, objective, species, land preparation.

Without a forest design, a forest cannot be realized. It is necessary, as an architect does with a house, for a forestry doctor to define the structure of the new forest, its purpose, the species that will be planted, and to determine how to prepare the soil that will accommodate the plants.


During planting: trees and their protection

The species selected for the new forest come from certified nurseries. This means that the seed is native and suitable for growing in that area. We prefer to plant 2 to 3-year-old seedlings that are 40 to 60 centimeters tall. By doing so, the plant adapts more easily to the soil and the chances of it growing strong and healthy are very high. Once planted, it should be protected from possible damage it might suffer, such as animal and weed attacks. For this, it is protected with a biodegradable cardboard shelter, bamboo cloth to retain water, and a stick about 1 meter high to signal its presence during grass mowing.

Participate in the planting event

Did you know that with WOWnature you can plant a tree with your own hands? Those who adopt or donate a tree are invited to the planting event to plant it in person.


After planting: maintenance, watering, mowing and updating

Once planted, trees are maintained for 3 to 5 years as needed. The main actions are mowing of weeds that might choke the small plants and watering during the summer. In case some trees do not make it, we provide replacement. Of course, you will always be updated by email or through our social channels on the health status of your tree. What are you waiting for? Adopt a tree now with WOWnature.


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