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Join the Facebook Live in Val di Zoldo

Saturday, September 26th we will be live from Val di Zoldo to plant the trees of all those who have adopted a fir or larch. Because of covid-19 in this period is very difficult to organize plants open to the public, so we suggest you to take advantage of it. The start of the event will be at 11.00 am: arrive on time or, even better, earlier.


It is impossible not to recognize Val di Zoldo, one of the most authentic and suggestive destinations of our Dolomites, with the Pelmo and the Civetta standing out towards the sky, always there, as if they were ready to be the guardians of the valley. Unfortunately, one day in October two years ago that valley, along with many others, was partially devastated by the violence of the Vaia storm. From that day on, we at WOWnature set off to reforest some of the affected areas, managing to complete our goal: the 2,500 fir and larch trees available were all adopted.


For this reason we decided to plant the trees and celebrate this event, physically on site, with our supporters who have adopted a fir or larch. In order to participate, due to the rules on social distancing for covid19, it is mandatory to complete the form by clicking on the button below: inside the form you will find all the necessary information to safely participate in the event.


We are waiting for you, the event will start at 11.00 a.m.


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