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Italy Overshoot Day 2023

Italian Overshoot Day: on May 2023 we ran out of natural resources

Italy's Overshoot Day will fall on May 15, 2023. This is the date when the annual demand for ecological resources and services exceeds what Italy can regenerate in that year. In short, it is not a date to celebrate.

What’s Overshoot Day?

Every year the Global Footprint Network, an international research organization, calculates how many resources we use before giving the planet time to regenerate. It is a calculation that relates the resources available in a state and the consumption of its population.


We mantain this deficit by liquidating our resources and accumulating emissions, especially carbon dioxide, into the atmosphere. This means that once we have exhausted the natural resources available for the year, we erode the useful supplies for years to come.

May 15: Italian Overshoot Day 


Most states are headed toward ecological deficit. In some areas, it leads to the ultimate loss of resources, collapse of ecosystems, debt, poverty, famine, and war.


If the whole world had the same consumption habits as Italy, Overshoot Day would fall on May 15 this year. Less than halfway through the year, we are already in debt to the Planet. It is estimated that to sustain the rhythms of Italians, we would need more than 5 Italies. Unfortunately or not, we can only rely on one Italy, and for that we need to take care of it.

Things you can do to have less impact on the environment


Being aware of your impact on the environment is the first step in building deep environmental awareness. Did you know that the Global Footprint Network supports you in this too? Measure your impacts with this short test and find out your personal Overshoot Day.


We at WOWnature are also here to help you do some good for the Earth. You can support our reforestation projects and adopt a tree. Fertile soil, clean water and clean air are necessary to provide humanity with the food and health we need to be well. Natural ecosystems like forests are essential to keep our planet livable.






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