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Padua has been recognized among the “Tree Cities of the World” 2020

Padua has been included among the Tree Cities of the World 2020, a prestigious award that attests to the commitment of the City of Padua in the implementation of activities that focus on trees within the urban context, recovering and enhancing areas of the city marginal or little considered.

Tree Cities of the World 2020

Padua has joined the international network of the “Tree Cities of the World 2020”, the cities that show the greatest commitment to the management, enhancement and development of the urban tree and forest heritage. The recognition is granted by the Arbor Day Foundation and the FAO as part of the program “Tree Cities of the World” which certifies, in fact, the cities around the world (120 to date) that give great importance to the trees within the urban design.

There are eight Italian cities that are part of the network: along with Padua there are Milan, Turin, Mantua, Modena, Cesena, Lignano Sabbiadoro and San Mango d’Aquino (in the province of Catanzaro). In Europe, among others, are “Tree cities of the world” the cities of Liege, Brussels, Madrid, Paris, Malmö and Birmingham, but in the list there are also the American cities of New York and San Francisco. Padua therefore confirms itself as an innovative city, attentive to environmental issues and on a par with the largest European and world cities.


The Municipality of Padua and the “Padova 02” project

This important milestone and recognition to the city of Padua has been achieved thanks to the collaboration between the City of Padua and WOWnature that has seen the birth of the project Padova O2, Started in 2019, the project is substantiated in a virtuous path that provides urban reforestation activities with the aim of creating a green lung of 10,000 trees, as big as 12 soccer fields, in different areas and neighborhoods of the city. Through the site WOWnature citizens, companies and associations can adopt trees of different species, choosing from the areas available in Padua, and contribute to the creation of new urban forests.

PadovaO2 is a path undertaken by the City of Padua – Sector Green, Parks and Urban Agriculture in collaboration with Etifor, a spin-off of the University of Padua, engaged in research and development of sustainable projects able to restore the balance between man and nature: urban reforestation is an essential need in a city like Padua where smog registers alarming peaks.

Once the trees adopted by the Padova O2 Project have grown, they will capture as much PM10 as 1000 cars produce in a year. In addition to the environmental impact, the trees are giving new life to areas that are often marginalized and unused, upgrading the urban environment for a better quality of life for all. Finally, the project aims to create a relationship of mutual support and active participation between public administrations, companies and citizens to take care, value trees and feel truly responsible for the environment of their city.


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