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Native to Iran, nowadays it's widespread in the Mediterrenean area. The Cypress it's quite tall, with great drought resistance, and an outstanding adaptation to all types of soils. Its leaves smell citrusy when rubbed. Traditionally a symbol of the transition between life and death. Dedicated to those who are resilient and adapt to all situations.

Scientific name: Cupressus sempervirens
Common name: Mediterranean cypress

It is a member of the Cupressaceae family. Up to 30 meters tall, it has a columnar crown and gray bark with long fibers. It tolerates drought well, making it very suitable for reforestation of southern areas. Mature strobili are silvery gray to brown in color.

The cypress tree has always represented the worship of the dead. Indeed, its solemn presence encloses our cemeteries as sentinels of eternal rest. The origin of the name comes from Cyparisus, a young man of exceptional beauty favored by the Sun God Apollo.

Cypress is also widely used in herbal medicine, since it turns out to be rich in flavonoids, polyphenols, and tannins. These substances denote a whole range of properties with direct effects on microcirculation, such as for the treatment of peripheral venous insufficiencies. Other benefits have been found for anti-inflammatory action of disorders affecting the respiratory system.

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What makes it unique

23,00 Kg
of CO2 captured over a year
30 meters

reachable height

2000 years

maximum life expectancy

Forests where you can grow your own Cypress, adopting or giving it away.