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Wayfaring tree

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Why always be the same when you can change? Lantana is a shrub with remarkably flexible branches whose clustered flowers transform into berries. They turn from bright red to deep black. Perfect for those who love freedom or…suffer from asthma: the extract from its buds can improve breathing.

Scentific name: Lantana camara
Common name: Common lantana

Part of the Verbenaceae, Lantana is a small evergreen shrub, reaching just 2 meters in height. It originates in the milder areas of North America, but has naturalized in many tropical and subtropical environments, where it colonizes disturbed soils. The beauty of lantanas lies in their trumpet-shaped flowers, which bloom from spring to fall. Their colors can vary: yellow, orange, white and lilac. In autumn they give way to the bluish, berry-like fruits.

Want to color your balcony with the gorgeous colors of Lantana? Get a clay pot, it will facilitate soil transpiration and moisture exchange. Take good care of your seedling and shelter it during winter: it does not enjoy the cold!

Like all the Verbenaceae, its leaves have a high repellent power. When rubbed, they can keep mosquitoes and other insects away.

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What makes it unique

7,00 Kg
of CO2 captured over a year
2 meters

reachable height

Forests where you can grow your own Wayfaring tree, adopting or giving it away.