Plant a tree at Serio Park on October 7

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Reforestation event at Serio Park: plant a tree in Lombardy

Join WOWnature's reforestation event on Saturday, October 7 in Ripalta Arpina, Cremona province. Help plant new trees on the banks of the Serio River to ensure an ecological corridor in a protected area.

Choose your tree


Choose your favorite species from the 22 available, adopt it and come plant it with your own hands. Willow, hazel, poplar, elderberry… which one will you choose? 

Adopt a tree and plant it with your own hands


Want to participate in the reforestation of Serio Park? Adopt or donate a tree and come and plant it with us on October 7 at 10:15 am. 


Here’s how:

  1. Adopt or donate a tree in Serio Park.
  2. – You will receive an email invitation to the planting event that you can attend with friends and family
  3. – Wear comfortable clothes and shoes, and get ready to go!

Get to know Parco del Serio, a protected area in Lombardy


The territory of the Park runs through 26 municipalities between Bergamo and Cremona. The landscape we see today is the result of the millennial relationship between people and the environment. In particular, the river is bordered by agricultural areas alternating with natural areas of meadows and forests.


WOWnature’s intervention


To preserve the area, it is imperative to conserve biodiversity, that is, the variety of species and genetic heritages found within the Park, such as the Great Crested Newt. The presence of this animal indicates that the area is free of pollutants and the water is well oxygenated. For this reason, our project involves the creation of new forests on the banks of the river, interspersed with meadows and shrubs. We want to plant nearly 6,000 trees, and to do this we need your help.


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