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Pianta un albero alle Torbiere del Sebino con WOWnature_7 ottobre_ENG

Reforestation event at Torbiere del Sebino: plant a tree in a Nature Reserve on Lake Iseo

Join the event organized by WOWnature on October 7 in Iseo, near lake Iseo. You will contribute to the future of the Torbiere del Sebino. It is a unique nature reserve that needs your help. The goal is to plant new trees and increase the biodiversity of the area. Join us along with friends and family to protect this precious ecosystem.

Which species you can plant 


To increase the biodiversity and resilience of the area, our forestry experts have selected 13 species of trees and shrubs, but dogwood is already sold-out, so here are the others:







Common dogwood

Guelder rose




Alder buckthorn

Wild privet

How to participate


If you would like to participate in this incredible reforestation initiative and contribute to the future of the area, follow these simple steps:

  • Adopt or donate a tree: choose from the 12 different tree species available and adopt or donate a tree. You will directly contribute to the development of this valuable ecosystem.
  • Planting event invitation: after adopting a tree, you will receive an email invitation to the planting event. Share this experience with friends and family to make the day even more special.
  • Get ready for the event: Wear comfortable clothes and sneakers. October 7 will be the perfect opportunity to spend a relaxing day in nature while actively helping to protect the environment.



What are peatlands and why are they at risk?


Peatlands are wetlands, such as lakes and swamps, that capture large amounts of CO2 from the atmosphere. They form in two instances: when a bog becomes silted up and in which new vegetation grows When a dry area already rich in trees and plants is flooded.


In both cases, at the beginning there is a layer of water at the bottom of which organic matter is deposited that comes from algae and mosses. Due to the lack of oxygen and acidity typical of standing water, bacteria cannot reproduce, so the plant remains do not decompose, but accumulate until they touch the surface of the water. These carbon-rich plant layers that accumulate over time are called peat, which is why the environment is called a peatland. 


If the ecosystem is altered, the large amount of carbon stored within the peatlands is released. The positive effect of these ecosystems is then reversed, causing emissions to be released. 


What are the threats to peatlands? Deforestation and drainage are the main causes of peatland degradation, added to drought due to the climate crisis.

Torbiere del Sebino and reforestation


Torbiere del Sebino are a natural treasure, with stretches of water, small forests, reeds, and meadows that create a unique habitat in the province of Brescia. This area is a nature reserve, an oasis of biodiversity that deserves to be protected. WOWnature is committed to preserving it through an ambitious reforestation project.


Reforestation goal


Together with citizens, agencies and businesses, we are working to plant a total of 4,540 trees in the Torbiere del Sebino area. We are currently only 1,600 trees away from reaching this ambitious goal. That may sound like a lot, but it is actually only 35 percent of the total planned for this project.


This project is co-funded by the Lombardy Region’s Biodiversity and Climate Call (BioClima) and supported by Fondazione Cariplo. Bioclima is an initiative created within the framework of the Lombardy Plan and the LIFE GESTIRE 2020 project that aims to create public-private financing models to catalyze investment in biodiversity conservation and climate change adaptation projects in Lombardy’s forests and protected areas.


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