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Trees multiply fish

In the Venice lagoon, new trees will restore old abandoned fishing valleys. Tamerisk, blackthorn, thorny olive trees, and junipers will consolidate banks and promote biodiversity in the lagoon.

Restoring ancient fishing valleys thanks to trees


In Lio Piccolo, in the Venice lagoon we are developing a project where trees will go to restore the ancient system of lagoon fishing valleys. Which functions do trees have in this area?


1. The roots consolidate the embankments bordering the valleys. This makes it possible to maintain an adequate depth of the channels;
2. Canopies curb winter winds and prevent excessive water cooling;
3. In summer, the trees keep the water more oxygenated and cooler;
4. Plants act as obstacles to birds that would like to prey on fish.


The growth of new trees will make it possible to restore historic fishing valleys that have been used since Roman times.

This is an ecosystem that supports natural fish reproduction in a sustainable way.

The project by WOWnature


The goal of the project is to restore functionality and biodiversity to the 15-hectare area that has been disused for decades through the planting of selected tree species. In recent years, climate fluctuations, rising average temperatures and heavy storm surges have eroded the vegetated banks, inner banks, canals and banks. Therefore, our project plans to restore the banks and plant more than 50,000 trees of native species. We are talking about tamarisk, poplar, juniper, sea buckthorn and the blackthorn.


The trees, in addition to reinforcing the banks and preventing destruction of the banks by the tides, will increase phytodepuration of the water. In addition, wildlife will find shelter and be able to reproduce. Thanks to the dense roots of the trees, algae, which are useful in absorbing CO2, will also return in abundance.

Adopt a tree in Lio Piccolo

The strength of WOWnature’s reforestation projects is all about sharing. Everyone can choose their favorite species and adopt a tree in the area, but it doesn’t end there. Anyone who adopts a tree can participate in WOW plantings and come and plant their tree in person.


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