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What is sustainability?

Do we really know what it means to be sustainable? The word sustainability is on everyone's lips, but we want to clarify. Let's find out if it is possible to live a sustainable life and what it really means.

What is sustainability?


Before we fill our mouths with this term, it is essential to fully understand its meaning. To be sustainable is to meet present needs while keeping resources intact for future generations. But this definition is based on an equally powerful concept, that of planetary limits.

Planetary limits


We live in an environment where we exploit 22km in total. What does that mean? The atmosphere, the breathable air above our heads is a column 11km high. The other 11 goes underground and includes the resources we need to live. Recognizing planetary limits makes us realize that an infinite growth model is impossible to achieve.

Energy efficiency and sufficiency

We must therefore introduce two fundamental concepts. The first is energy efficiency. Producing the same goods and services, but consuming less. The second is sufficiency. Do we really need all these goods? Our happiness can improve through better social interactions and experiences.


The role of trees in environmental sustainability


What do trees have to do with environmental sustainability? They are important for at least 3 reasons.


1) they release oxygen while storing carbon dioxide

2) they retain excess rainwater and release it when needed

3) they provide renewable products, such as wood and food


To make truly sustainable projects, we need to include and respect nature. The two examples in the video, are just some of the ones we have in the field. Want to do your part and participate in our sustainable projects?


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