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Boschi di Mussetta di Sopra

San Donà di Piave (VE)

This forest mainly serves an environmental function; i.e.: recreate a natural habitat for wildlife species and foster local biodiversity.

This forested area is a small green lung in an land devoted to open field cereal cultivation, providing numerous refuges for local microfauna. The forest features native species typical of lowland forests, and its growth over the years has been left to normal natural evolution, resulting in more shrubs and brambles in the central section. The more naturalized portion is surrounded on one side by a row of white and black poplars, while on the other side we find a magnificent corridor composed of native species such as field maple, English oak, dog cherry, and common ash.

This forest mainly serves an environmental function, as it is not easily accessible; in fact, you need to cross private properties to reach it. As such, the primary purpose of this area is to recreate a natural habitat for wildlife species and foster local biodiversity. Of paramount importance is also the role these forested areas play in forming soil and organic matter, as carbon sinks, sequestering carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, but also as natural filters, regulating the surrounding microclimate and absorbing pollutants and excessive heat.

This forest is part of Associazione Forestale di Pianura (Lowland Forest Association).

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