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Visit a forest

Bosco delle Lame

Concordia Sagittaria (VE)

Natural area in the province of Venice, perfect for animal lovers. Mandatory stop for those traveling along the E8 cycle route.

If you are an animal lover, Bosco delle Lame is just right for you. In fact, as you wander along the trails in this forest, it is virtually impossible not to come across some roe deer, or see squirrels, hares, foxes, pheasants and swans. Not to mention the birds: you can hang out at the birdwatching turret and be amazed by the wide variety of birds flying around. If you’re lucky enough, you might even manage to photograph a marsh harrier. What can we say… If you are traveling along E8, the European Friendship Cycle Route, then Bosco delle Lame is a must-see!

This forest is part of Associazione Forestale di Pianura (Lowland Forest Association).

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