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Bosco San Marco

Cessalto (TV)

A large forest in Cessalto, an extension of Bosco Olmè, rich in tree species and animals living in harmony.

Did you know that in Cessalto lies the largest typical forest of the Po Valley which has survived from ancient times to the present day? It is Bosco Olmè, the older brother of Bosco San Marco. Although Olmè and San Marco may be a few millennia apart in age, they are still very fond of each other. Rumor has it that they spend all day exchanging messages, playing a sort of wireless telephone with the birds that live in their canopies. The title of fastest messenger is currently held by the Sparrowhawk, while the most agile messenger is surely the Long-eared Owl, which makes no landing mistake even on moonless night.

I know you may be wondering what on earth could two forests be saying to each other: to find out, you have no other choice but to wander into their depths, find these or many other birds, and simply listen.

This forest is part of Associazione Forestale di Pianura (Lowland Forest Association).

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