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Visit a forest

Canoro Forest

Bibione (VE)

A chance to stroll in the pine forest, lulled by the wind, just a few steps from the sea.

When it comes to human beings, we are well aware of what an infant, a teenager, a 20-year-old or an adult person look like. But have you ever wondered what a forest looks like as an infant, teenager or adult? There is only one way to find out: hop on your bike and embark on a cycling tour along the Venetian coast! In San Stino di Livenza you will find two very young groves, two newborns: Bosco Trieste and Bosco Triestina. Move on to Meolo, where you will find Bosco Belvedere, which is almost 20 years old. As the final stop on your journey, we propose Bosco Canoro in San Michele al Tagliamento or Bosco Baseleghe in Bibione: two beautiful forests that are now over 30 years old!

This forest is part of Associazione Forestale di Pianura (Lowland Forest Association).

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