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Community Forest

San Michele al Tagliamento (VE)

A forest where you can admire an expanse of black pine trees, where you can find refreshment and rest on hot summer days.

Have you ever wondered how many different species belong to the genus Pinus? Yes, the one that we usually call pine. Well…more than 100!

Chances are that you will recognize a few of them. First, the maritime pine, which thrives on the Mediterranean coast. Ten, the domestic pine, which you may have bumped into along the streets of Rome, harboring more than 10,000 trees. Down the mountain trails, the Swiss pine, with its small round pinecones, great ingredient for spirits.

In the Community Forest, however, you have the chances to admire the Black Pine. Could you distinguish it from other pines?

This forest is part of the Lowland Forest Association.

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