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A 18-hectare reforestation project in the remote province of Nord Kivu, in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Located in the heart of the African continent is Kitshanga, a remote province in North Kivu (Democratic Republic of Congo), north of the provincial capital Goma. The 18-hectare reforestation project involved the planting of different native tree species and thorny shrubs to prevent existing productive livestock from leaving the area.

A 12-hectare reforestation on sloping land, where agriculture is not practiced and livestock breeding is limited. The goal of the intervention was to prevent the degradation of these distinctive ecosystems. In fact, without WOWnature’s project, an uncontrolled and unsustainable use of natural resources would have continued in the area – incompatible with the obligations imposed by the climate crisis we are currently facing.

Biodiversity conservation through native species planting, soil improvement and subsequent CO2 sequestration are the goals achieved in the short term. In the medium term, however, as forest thinning activities begin, the reforestation will provide timber and firewood.

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