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Oasi di Crosara

Nove (VI)

Along the Brenta river, we can find the Crosara Oasis, where nature, leisure, and culture meet.

Who doesn’t love to spend a day at the park? Strolling in the shade of poplars, having a pic-nick with friends, and going play some ball make the most ordinary of Sundays special. A trip outdoor can only improve your mood! Along the Brenta river, we can find the Crosara Oasis, where nature, leisure, and culture meet. Green areas play a key role for the well-being of the community. Indeed, good management is crucial to make them safe and accessible. Therefore, we at WOWnature will carry out some interventions, including forestry rehabilitation and ecological improvement.


This is not the first time we have worked here: remember Parco Fiume Brenta? It is one of our most beloved projects, so we wanted to give due value to each of its parts. We will not only reforest the area with native species, but we will also get rid of weeds. In addition, floating islands will be grown thanks to poplars, ash trees, and elms, to keep the zone in a good status. Last but not least, to better enjoy the area, popular among runners and nature lovers, we will build new trails and also map the area in new info panels. We know how much you love helping nature, so let’s plant about 1,000 trees together!

The next tree plantings are planned for autumn 2023.

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The term Willow has Celtic origins and it means "near the water."
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Tall, lean and long-lived, suitable for boulevards.
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It is perfectly suited to both rural and urban environments.
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