Consiglio di Bacino Brenta

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Consiglio di Bacino Brenta, together with other partners of the LIFE Brenta 2030 project, manages the territory along the Middle Brenta River, from the Municipality of Vigodarzere to Bassano del Grappa. Consiglio di Bacino Brenta is part of the Gruppo Operativo Brenta 2030. Its main activities are water resources management, safeguarded areas protection, and waste collection. LIFE Brenta 2030 aims to increase biodiversity and improve the provision of water-related ecosystem services to riverine habitats, wetlands and agricultural areas of the Natura 2000 site, called “Grave e Zone Umide del Brenta”.


The responsibility towards the environment and the territory of Consiglio di Bacino Brenta is therefore developed actions with a strong impact on both the natural ecosystems and the citizes of the protected areas in Parco Fiume Brenta. Nature and the woods along the Brenta River are a heritage to be preserved and ameliorated, in order to hand it over intact to future generations, the future guardians of these lands. Consiglio di Bacino Brenta decided to support the reforestation project in Parco Fiume Brenta. The objective is to enhance the value of the woods and forests, protecting the fauna, creating an ecological corridor, contributing to the creation of an innovative, healthy park, with a lot of biodiversity.

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Le Basse del Brenta

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