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Have any of you ever not dreamed of being a time-traveller? Well, there is a place in the lowlands of Treviso where this is possible. We mean the Olmè Forest, a forest that allows us to appreciate the Padana Plain of the past centuries: a wide expanse of forests where oak, elm and ash trees used to reign uncontested.

This millenarian lowland forest, the largest of its kind still surviving today, has lived through many thriving populations: the first inhabitants of the Po Valley, who used to live in pile dwellings covered with yellow straw; the Etruscans and the Gallic populations; Romans, who used the forest to supply wood and acorns; the Serenissima Republic of Venice, that managed the forest introducing the concept of sustainability, bringing it forward by several centuries; and, ourselves at present day.

Today, the landscape has rapidly changed because agriculture has taken the land which was previously occupied by forests and pastures. For this reason, The Olmè Forest of Cessalto, the last big echo of a past glory and safe shelter for many animals, is of inestimable value: it keeps the memory of our roots alive in ourselves and allows us to travel, even just for a couple of hours, into the past.

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