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Parco Astichello


An initiative is underway, which will yield a new 11,620-square-meter green area to the city of Vicenza, in order to create a new urban forest.

An initiative is now underway, which will yield a new 11,620-square-meter green area within Parco Astichello (Astichello Forest), in the city of Vicenza between Viale Cricoli and Via Pforzheim. With this operation a new urban forest will be created, within Parco Astichello, containing over 1,000 new forest seedlings and more than 30 ready-grown trees. This will bring obvious benefits to the environment and to the quality of life. It will be a new green lung inside the city. The redevelopment project for this area also includes the creation of a new cycling and walking trail, which will provide a safe and off-road connection between the citadel of studies and the historic center. A key step towards completing the park.

Parco Astichello is named after the homonymous river in the province of Vicenza, the Astichello River, which flows mainly through the towns of Dueville and Cavazzale (a hamlet of Monticello Conte Otto) , eventually merging into the Bacchiglione River near Pusterla Bridge in the city of Vicenza.

The goal set by the Municipality is to renovate and render usable the Astichello river axis, because it is currently in a state of neglect and in some sections it is even inaccessible, in order to connect it with the historic center, while passing through Querini Park and the citadel of studies. This forest is part of Associazione Forestale di Pianura (Lowland Forest Association).

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