San Marco Forest

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Did you know that in Cessalto there is the widest, lowland forest typical of the Po Valley, that has survived from ancient times until today? It’s the Olmè Forest, the big brother of the San Marco Forest.

Even if Olmè and San Marco have some millennia of a difference in age, they are in any case very attached to each other. It is said that they use to spend all day sending messages to one another, playing a sort of Chinese whispers game with the birds that inhabit the crowns of their trees: at the moment, the “fasted messenger” award is held by the sparrowhawk, while the “most agile messenger” award is without a doubt the long-eared owl, that does not fail any descent even in moonless nights.

I know you are wondering what two forests might say to each other: if you want to know, your only choice is to venture into their meanderings, lie in wait to spot these or other birds and listen to what they say.


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