800 new trees for Quarto d'Altino with Alì Supermercati

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WOWnature - Bosco Portegrandi 13.04.2427

800 new trees for Quarto d’Altino

WOWnature, in cooperation with Alì Supermarkets, launched a forestation initiative in Quarto d'Altino, Veneto, to grow a type of forest native to the Po Valley. This project involves the planting of 800 trees and shrubs to form a new green lung that will contribute to biodiversity and improve the quality of life in the region. Through this example of collaboration between public and private sectors, WOWnature aims to promote environmental sustainability and involve the community in concrete actions for the wellbeing of the area.

How Bosco Portegrandi was born

The project started in Quarto d’Altino, where 800 trees and shrubs were planted to recreate the ‘plains oak-hornbeam forest’, a type of native woodland that once dominated the Po Valley. Selected species include oaks, hornbeams, ash trees and many others, chosen for their ability to maximise environmental benefits and contribute to local biodiversity. This reforestation project is carried out in cooperation with the European Life project ClimatePositive. This forest is part of the pilot areas of the LIFE ClimatePositive project, which encourages models of association between forest owners to promote sustainable forest management and combat abandonment.

Collaboration with Alì Supermarkets

The creation of this new forest is made possible by the convergence of private financing by Alì Supermarkets and co-financing by the Quarto d’Altino Municipality and the European Union through the LIFE ClimatePositive project and will offer numerous important benefits to the citizens.

Alì’s historical commitment to concrete initiatives of environmental responsibility is also manifested this time with the financing of 800 trees for the benefit of the community. Indeed, the project aims to make the area more welcoming and green, in response to the ongoing climate crisis.


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