2023 recap: how did the year go?

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2023 recap: how did the year go?

Here is our 2023 recap. We want to tell you how the year of WOWnature went. In this article you'll see how many trees we planted and which forests we protected together.

Recap 2023


Are you too looking back to see how your 2023 went? We at WOWnature have made the world a greener place, mostly because of people like you who love and support nature.


Trees planted in 2023

Here are some numbers: in 2023, thanks to the support of people and businesses, we planted as many as 40,600 trees. As you know, we don’t just plant new trees, we protect existing forests. In particular, we have protected 200,000 square meters of forests, the equivalent of about 28 soccer fields.

Where to plant trees


But where are the forests we take care of?As you know, WOWnature plants trees where they are most needed. In 2023, we worked in Veneto, Lombardy, Trentino-South Tyrol, Tuscany, Sicily, and even abroad! WOWnature’s projects have expanded to Ireland, Brazil, Burkina Faso, and Vietnam.

Best sellers of 2023


In 2023, you have adopted more than 40,000 trees, but what are the best sellers? As always, the first tree chosen is the spruce, which populates the mountains of northern Italy. In second place is the field maple and in third place is the hawthorn. These are three classic species; we could call them evergreens if they were all really evergreens. Seriously, did you know that with WOWnature you can adopt more than 80 different species? Discover them all.




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