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Paola Gianotti


Paola Gianotti cannot be described in one sentence. She is an ultra cyclist, coach, motivational speaker, environmental activist, and writer. She has published three books to prove through her example and strategies that anything is possible. Paola reminds us that each of us is responsible for our actions towards the planet.

She has retains 4 Guinness World Records, with the aim of reaching important environmental and solidarity goals. A backpacker and sportswoman all her life, she had to close her company in 2012 and had to reinvent herself. She decided to put herself to the test and set a new world record as the fastest woman to have circled the globe.

Paola combines a love of sport and nature in her daily life. This, mixed with the belief that nothing is impossible, has led to the idea of Bike4Tree. A project to underline the importance of a sustainable lifestyle. The challenge is to plant as many trees as possible with WOWnature within the next year. She wants to raise awareness about the climate crisis and strategies to mitigate its effects. The most effective include tree planting and protecting existing forests.

From 25 February to 10 March 2022, she cycled 2200 km from Stockholm to Milan to make her voice heard. Win together with Paola Gianotti the biggest race ever: plant a tree with WOWnature by the end of this year.


From Milan to Stockholm, 2022 km x 2022 alberi

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