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Find out the most ancient forests in Italy

Italy, with its natural beauty and millennial history, hides among its treasures some of the oldest and most fascinating forests in the world, forests that can compete in age with Leonardo da Vinci's famous Monnalisa. In this article, we will immerse ourselves in the discovery of these natural wonders, all recognised as Unesco heritage sites, exploring their curiosities and the richness of the flora and fauna that inhabit them.

Let’s take care of the forests!

Italy’s oldest forests are not only places of extraordinary beauty and serenity, but also guardians of stories and secrets just waiting to be discovered. We invite you to explore them, immerse yourself in their unique atmosphere and contribute to their protection. Nature is a precious gift; let us take care of it together.

Val Cervara in Abruzzo: a heritage of biodiversity

We begin our journey in Abruzzo, where we find Val Cervara, one of the oldest beech forests in Europe. This forest is a veritable treasure trove of biodiversity, with trees that are over 500 years old. The presence of the Marsican bear, wolf and deer makes it an invaluable destination for nature lovers wishing to explore ecosystems virtually untouched by human action.


Sasso Fratino in Emilia Romagna: cradle of forest history

Continuing into Emilia Romagna, we come across Sasso Fratino, Italy’s first integral reserve. Even in this forest, the beeches reach venerable ages, exceeding four or five centuries. The reserve represents a significant example of forest conservation and the study of the evolution of forest ecosystems over time.


Foresta Umbra in the Gargano National Park: a world of biodiversity

We conclude our journey in the Foresta Umbra, located in the heart of the Gargano National Park in Apulia. This forest is surprising for its rich biodiversity, hosting more than 2000 plant and animal species. It is a true paradise for nature lovers, who can find an incredible variety of life here in a landscape of rare beauty.

Contribute to conservation: adopt a beech tree

Italy’s oldest forests are jewels of nature and history that require commitment and care to preserve. In all these forests there is a large presence of beeches, which are very resistant and long-lived trees. If you too would like to plant a tree that could last more than five centuries, adopt a beech. With your help, we can continue our forest restoration projects!

Adopt a beech tree

Choose which forest to contribute to by adopting or donating a beech tree


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