May 20 2023 tree planting event in Enego, to restore the forest destroyed by storm Vaia and the bark beetle - WOWnature

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May 20 2023 tree planting event in Enego, to restore the forest destroyed by storm Vaia and the bark beetle

Enego (VI), may 20 2023. A day devoted to restoring forests devastated by Storm Vaia in 2018 and attacked by bark beetle today. In the Tombal area, larch, fir and beech trees will be planted together with anyone who decides to adopt a tree and come and plant it themselves.

Adopt a tree in Enego and plant it yourself on  may 20


Tree-planting days open to the greater public are a way to connect people to the land and help them discover the importance of a simple yet important gesture. All mountain lovers will be able to leave a trace and bring balance back to the Enego area.

Those who wish to participate can adopt a tree on the portal by selecting the Enego area and come and plant it in person, subject to registration. The next planting will be Saturday, May 20 at 10:30 a.m.

Enego and storm Vaia


To understand the great value of these actions, let us take a step back. Five years after the disaster that struck the mountains of the Triveneto region, the slopes are no longer the same. Storm Vaia did unprecedented damage, crashing some 42 million trees. As if that were not enough, the huge amount of plants on the ground has encouraged the proliferation of the bark beetle. This is a small beetle that spreads in spruce forests, feeding on the sap and leaving them dead.

WOWnature’s intervention


Given the strong need to protect damaged forests, the WOWnature initiative, started by Etifor Benefit Society and spin-off from the University of Padua, brings to Enego a project to accelerate forest restoration in the area by mimicking natural regeneration. Since 2020, it has been working on the Tombal forests with the goal of reviving the destroyed forests and reactivating all the ecosystem services they offered.

The intervention aims to clean up the area from crashes, protect neighboring forests from bark beetle expansion, and improve the landscape. To do this, WOWnature is thinking ahead: with a view to adapting to the climate crisis and improving biodiversity, they want to end up planting as many as 11,000 trees including spruce, larch, and beech. This will go a long way toward accelerating ecosystem restoration by mimicking natural regeneration.


Partners supporting the area


It is not only citizens who can adopt trees, but also companies and institutions that are concerned about the territory. Find out about WOWnature Partners that support Enego’s forests: 


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