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What is biodiversity?

The survival of humankind depends on biodiversity. We discover the value of this link and why it is at risk. In a time of climate change, indeed climate crisis, biodiversity is also under threat. But what is biodiversity and why is it at risk?

What is biodiversity?

“The world is beautiful because it is diverse” is not only a saying that we can apply to people’s behaviors, but it is also appropriate for ecosystems. Biodiversity is the variability that exists among living organisms and among the ecosystems of which they are a part. We talk about variability within a single species, between different species, and between ecosystems. For example, think about how important bees and other pollinating insects are in food production.

Why is biodiversity at risk?

The survival of humankind depends on biodiversity because it provides essential services such as clean air, clean water, food and medicines. In addition, biodiversity is important for climate regulation and disease prevention. Loss of biodiversity can lead to reduced food and water security and increased disease.


But why is it at risk? To answer this question, it is necessary to talk about extinctions. Extinctions are phenomena that are part of natural evolution. However, this happens at a certain rate. Over the past two centuries, however, the rate at which species on Earth go extinct is estimated to have increased hundreds of times faster than expected


The sixth mass extinction

Do you remember the fifth mass extinction? Perhaps you were not yet born, because that was the one that wiped the dinosaurs off the planet. In that case, an asteroid that impacted the Earth was to blame, while now we are to blame.

The 5 threats to biodiversity

What are the threats to biodiversity? We can summarize them in 5 points.

1) land use change: deforestation and agricultural overproduction.

2) overexploitation of resources: intensive fishing, monocultures.

3) alien and invasive species: taken by people and moved to different ecosystems.

4) pollution: toxic substances and pollutants damage the balance of ecosystems.

5) climate change: does it need explaining?

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