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Arte Sella

Borgo Valsugana (TN)

A forest that holds the most beautiful works of art: impossible to say where the artist’s work ends and nature’s begins.

It is well known that art and nature have always enjoyed a very special relationship. But what do a forest and a museum have in common? Science gives us the answer: immersing yourself in their meanders makes you feel good. More and more studies highlight the benefits of trees and artwork: so while doctors in Canada prescribe their patients with a nice trip to the museum, Scottish colleagues opt for peaceful days in the woods. Reducing stress levels, lowering blood pressure and strengthening the immune system are just a few of the benefits that such activities will bring us. So, if you are unsure which of the two options to choose for the weekend, now we have good news for you: at Arte Sella, art and nature are actually one.

Nestled in the heart of Val di Sella (Sella Valley) lies a forest of a thousand colors housing the most beautiful works of art. Works that almost seem part of the forest itself. It is impossible to say where the artist’s work ends and nature’s begins. Besides, let’s face it, art has always reserved a place of honor for nature, which has always been a favorite source of inspiration for artists: since the dawn of time, with cave paintings; through Van Gogh’s colorful landscapes; to Renzo Piano’s Biosphere.

It really seems that art and nature are meant to go hand in hand. What museum could ever match the beauty of a forest, carefully crafted by the invisible and masterful hand of nature? Thereby, just as nature nurtures and treasures the works of humans, so too must we at times look after her.

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