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Art and nature, it is known, have always had a very special relationship. But, what might a forest and a museum have in common? The answer lies with science: immersing ourselves in both of them makes us feel good!

There are more and more studies that highlight the beneficial effects of trees and art: for this reason, in Canada, for example, physicians prescribe visits to a museum to their patients, their Scottish colleagues prescribe relaxing days in the woods as part of the therapy “green prescriptions”. Stress level reduction, lowering of blood pressure, and strengthening of the immune system are just a few of the benefits that these activities generate for us. Well, if now you can’t decide which option to choose for the next weekend, don’t despair, we have good news: at Arte Sella, art and nature are one.

Nestled in the heart of the Sella Valley, there is a thousand-colours forest that safekeeps the most beautiful artworks; artworks that seem part of the forest itself: it’s impossible to tell where the work of the artist ends and where the work of nature begins. And then, let’s be honest: art has always reserved a place of honour for nature, which is probably the main source of inspiration: since the dawn of man, when our ancestors walked this world, with the cave paintings; passing through the colourful Van Gogh’s landscapes; to Renzo Piano’s Biosphere. It seems obvious that art and nature are meant to be together: thus, which museum could ever be equal to the beauty of a forest, built and modelled by the expert and invisible hand of nature?

However, just like nature takes care and safekeeps people’s artworks, so we shall take care of nature: support the re-birth of the Sella Valley after the Vaia Storm!



Every day from 10 am to 7 pm

Activities: Grow your tree, Art in nature, For kids, Environmental education