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Bosco Fiorentina

San Donà di Piave (VE)

Created in 2017 by expanding Bosco Fellini, a forest that is now more than 35 years old.

To do things well, you know, it takes time. Can you find anything more perfect than nature around us, shaped by millennia of tireless work by the forces of evolution? In San Donà di Piave we have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of a forest that is now more than 35 years old, Bosco Fellini, and to follow year after year the growth of its young extension, Bosco Fiorentina, created in 2017. Witnessing with our own eyes all the stages of its growth, year after year, we cannot but realize how important it is -besides creating new natural areas and new forests- to preserve nature that we already have. Because, as we are experiencing it for ourselves, recreating natural areas is a long and arduous task; no wonder evolution has been working on this for thousands of years..

This forest is part of Associazione Forestale di Pianura (Lowland Forest Association).

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