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Bosco Fedrigoni

Caponago (MI)

A new forest is emerging in an area surrounded by warehouses, factories, industries and freeways. It will provide employees and citizens of the area with a better, greener and more livable land.

In an area surrounded by sheds, factories, industries and freeways, a new wood is born. The Fedrigoni Group has sponsored the creation of the wood next to its Ritrama plant, located on the border between Caponago and Pessano con Bornago, to give local employees and citizens a better, greener and more liveable area. An environmental commitment that meets the social impact of Fedrigoni Group, one of the largest players in the world for the production of special papers for luxury packaging and premium self-adhesive materials. The new Fedrigoni wood occupies an area that is part of the Northeast Agricultural Park, an area involved in a wide-ranging project that aims to preserve the territory and enhance its naturalistic qualities: it is one of the most urbanized peri-urban areas in Europe with an important ecological and agricultural value.

Precisely for this reason, the wood of 15,000 square meters is populated with 1,530 native plants, typical of the Po Valley and lowland forests: oaks, ash trees, field maples, holm oaks, yews, elms. To increase and promote the biodiversity of the wood many shrubs are also planted, such as cornelian, which will produce flowers and fruits. In November 2021 we’ve planted other 200 new young trees to the existing 1,500 of our Fedrigoni Wood in Caponago, marking the anniversary and replenishing what in years will become a wide green area for the local community.

In the next 20 years, Fedrigoni Wood will be able to absorb at least 100 tons of CO2 – equivalent to the annual emissions of 50 cars – acting as a barrier and natural filter against the nearby freeway, providing citizens with clean air from pollutants such as PM10 and PM2.5, but also to sportsmen, especially cyclists, who frequent the cycle route between the two municipalities that host the wood.

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